From the Beginning

Our trades have been with us from the beginning of our company. We have grown up together, and we have trained them to build they way we want our homes to be built. We have worked with them to build domes, ceiling treatments, artistic brick work and many other tricks and techniques that set NewLeaf Homes apart. And because they have been with us for so long, they have a lot of experience building our homes many times over and perfecting the process.

Developing A Custom Building Process Together

We’ve spent decades developing our building process together with our trades. We’ve worked with our dry-waller to put drywall on a curved dome. We’ve worked with our framers to build the each piece of the home on-site. We don’t have a new crew each month, we have the same crews year after year. They know how we build, they understand our quality expectations, and they take pride in building an exceptional NewLeaf Home every time we break ground!

Creating Relationships that Deliver Consistent Quality

We pay our trades people well, we respect their expertise and we spend a lot of time face-to-face with them, building relationships. We appreciate every member of our trade team and we work hard to make sure that they know this. By building these relationships we have an expert team working on your home. Because we do not have to retrain new teams all the time we are able keep our business lean, we are able to keep it personal, and we are able to make sure that everyone who works on your home understands and shares our commitment to providing custom home quality and features at affordable production home prices.