What Sets NewLeaf Homes Apart

There are a lot of things that make a NewLeaf home different, but the two most important are these: We don’t scrimp on our foundations, and we build our frames from scratch.

A More Reliable Foundation

We build a slab on grade foundation with a 1-foot steel mesh. What this means to you is that there is a lot of steel in our foundations, it is a lot more expensive to build a foundation this way but the result is a better foundation for your home.

A Better Built Frame

Our homes are not pre-engineered. We assemble everything on site, so when you walk one of our jobs the first thing that will impress you is that there is a lot of sticks! By assembling your home on site we create a much more solid frame. Pre-fabbed pieces get rattled and shaken and become loose as they travel from the yard where they were assembled to your home site. Because we build everything on site, the frame is much more secure. Pre-fabbed pieces have to be manipulated into place and will not fit as well as pieces cut to each specific home. We mark every piece, cut every piece and nail every piece in place on site resulting in a much more perfectly fit frame. This costs us about 1.5x more than using preassembled pieces, but we believe it is worth losing a little profit to deliver a much better built home.

Lean Operations Deliver Custom Home Quality at Production Home Prices

We are able to spend more on your foundation and frame and still deliver a competitively priced home because we keep our business lean with very low overhead. We put our resources into your home, not our home office. And because we are locally owned and operated, we don’t have to answer to a national corporate office, so we can build your home, they way we would build our own.

“If you have a good foundation and a solid frame, the rest of it is cosmetic. We spend the majority of our time on these two aspects of your home.”

Fred Ghavidel, Owner, NewLeaf Homes