It Takes a Lot of Creativity to Develop and Build Designs that are Distinctive

Creating a unique home is easy when you have a 5-acre lot and a couple million dollars to work with. Creating unique designs with custom home architectural features for reasonably prices homes requires a great deal more creativity in terms of both design and production.

Designing and Refining

We have a team of architects that love the challenge of fitting a custom home look and feel into a production home price! We have spent a lot of time designing and refining each element of our homes to maximize the WOW factor, and minimize the cost. The result is more than 50 designs that DO NOT look like everyone else!

To Get WOW You Have to Get Lean

The real trick is being able to build those unique custom elements into a production home, without adding a lot of cost. We keep our overhead low so that we can be competitive at this price point. We research the best new materials and techniques that allow us to create exciting elements in new ways. And we work with the same team of trades people over and over to perfect our process.

Building Unique Features Requires Expertise

It is difficult to manage the type of unique features that we build into a home. We don’t use a random set of sub-contractors. We have worked with our trade base for 15 years and trained them on how to build these difficult features. We have the same framers build each home, so they have learned the techniques we use to create our unique ceiling treatments, we have worked with the same drywall team to build each home so they know how to build a dome with drywall. What makes us able to add domes and architectural ceiling treatments, and brick and rock kitchen islands, and so much more is that we keep our overhead low, and we work closely with our sub-contractors to build relationships and expertise.

“When we design a home, we want the WOW factor that gives everyone pride in their home regardless of size.”

Mario Morin,
Sales Manager, NewLeaf Homes