The 15-Foot Challenge

The typical production home is built on a 45-foot lot with at least a 5-foot setback on either side and a 20-foot, 2-car garage. That leaves just 15 feet on average to do something unique and distinctive to the elevation that will give the home a strong appearance from the street. This is a huge challenge, and most don’t even make a real effort, which is why so many production homes look alike. At NewLeaf Homes, we want every customer to be proud of their home every time the drive up to it, whether it is our smallest or our largest design.

The NewLeaf Difference

NewLeaf homes are distinctive from the street, because we take the 15-Foot Challenge seriously. We’ve had homeowners tell us that even the pizza delivery guy comments on how great the home looks. Our architects are very talented at this particular challenge and have designed an entire portfolio of unique homes for you to choose from, each of which has great curb appeal!

“We’ve always felt that if we can’t interest you in the way the home looks from the outside, we are not going to be able to get you to come inside.”

Mario Morin,
Sales Manager, NewLeaf Homes